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Brainerd ISD 181 Athletic Registration

  • You will need the birth date and Student ID number of one of your children that currently attends Brainerd Public Schools prior to your first registration. The Student ID can be found by accessing Family Access and looking for the  "Other ID" field, or by contacting the activities office.
  • Participation fee discounts are based on participation in or qualifying for the Federal Free/Reduced Meal program. See attachment below for income guidelines.
  • We will NEVER turn a child away from our programs due to financial hardship. Please contact the BHS or FMS activities office if you need further assistance.


The Brainerd interscholastic activities program encourages multi-sport, multi-activity participation and provides challenge for students in a competitive learning environment that includes rigor, and commitment, requires fair play and good sportsmanship and enhances pride in self, team and school.

  • We believe interscholastic activities are an integral part of the school's total educational program and the Warrior activities program is an extension of our basic educational philosophy of preparing students to become productive, contributing citizens of their community.
  • We believe that a sound activities program teaches the participants the values of cooperation as well as the spirit of competition. The individual learns how to work with others for the achievement of group goals.
  • We believe that a sound activities program stimulates its participants to win and excel, but we are always mindful of the value of our program to the development of health, happiness, physical skills, maturity, sportsmanship, decision- making skills, self-confidence, and self-discipline of each participant. We believe that we must be intentional about teaching these concepts to our student athletes.
  • We believe that a sound activities program contributes to and enhances the environment and climate of our schools and the communities they serve.

Banner photos courtesy of John Erickson


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